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Frequently Asked Questions ?       ...     Answered !

How may I get a quote?

It's easy.  Just email us with the essentials about your project, and we will be glad to produce a free, no-obligation quote for you.

If you prefer to discuss it first, feel free to reach us at our contact number (413) 320-3746 any time 7am-7pm Pacific U.S / 10am – 10pm Eastern U.S. / 3pm – 3am GMT).

Here is a checklist of essential information you may want to send in or have in mind:

     Basic Considerations for a quote:

    • What is the length of the document ( in words or double-spaced pages)?
    • What type of editing do you think the document needs? 
    • What is your target deadline for having the work done?
    • What citation format or specification are you required to follow for the document? 
    • Is English not your first language?

           For a more exact quote, also consider the following:

      • Does the job include editing a bibliography? 
      • Roughly how many tables/images/charts in need of editing does the document have? 
      • Are there any special requirements or concerns?

      When can I expect to hear back from you?

      Expect a response to your inquiry either the same day or the following day.  We value prompt service highly as a priority.  We also will make it a point to be clear regarding any future deadlines and commitments.

      Do I really need an editor?

      Employing an editor is more common than many scholars and other writers realize. Many faculty prefer that their students use editors.  Not having your work edited is a little like going to trial without a lawyer.  Having an editor in your court ( before your work is scrutinized by others) offers an important edge. Editing significantly increases your chances for a smooth path to publication. As writers, we sometimes can be overconfident about the overall state of our work.  Professional editing offers the proverbial "second set of eyes" needed to present quality writing that is not self-sabotaged by errors and inconsistencies. Parasol Academic Editing offers you an experienced person who is sympathetic to your goals and knows what it takes to meet the challenging and detailed requirements of publishing.

      Is Academic Editing Legitimate and Ethical?

      Parasol Academic Editing polishes your writing as needed without altering its originality. If there is any question that the boundary of sole authorship might be crossed, we will bring up the matter with you in advance to ensure a sound ethical ground. The fact that many faculty recommend editing services to their students attests to its legitimacy and acceptability.  

      How easy will it be for me to review the changes made to my document?

      For clients who prefer a detailed account of changes made to their work, documents can be returned with changes clearly indicated – right down to the added comma or deleted space.  Established clients often find this unnecessary, but newer clients quite reasonably may find such accounting helpful, and reassuring.

      Why choose Parasol Academic Editing?  What makes your services unique?

      Parasol Academic Editing delivers prompt, personalized service that reflects an unusual ability to understand the letter and spirit of a given work.  Editing is performed as an art with a passion for detail. We adopt a "writer's lens," as opposed to a mechanical process of "text in, text out." Our unbounded intellectual curiosity also affords us an ability to excel with subjects that range from the precisely technical, to the lyrical and literary, and just about everything in between.

      Are you a writing or dissertation coach?

      Writing couches use various techniques to help writers maintain a motivated, organized, and pragmatic approach to managing their writing projects and faculty committees.  They often hold advanced degrees in fields like psychology and social work.  While Parasol Academic Editing does not specialize in such services, many clients have found the decision to work with us can serve as a catalyst for keeping up with their publishing goals. Our shared concern for high quality, timeliness, and success is often inspirational as well, and contributes to keeping a steady line of successful publication in place.

      Will my confidentiality be protected?

      We recognize that the highly demanding and competitive nature of academic publishing makes confidentiality a sensitive matter.  We will keep your information in strictest confidence.

      Will you be able to work to the specifications needed for my document?

      Parasol Academic Editing has experience with a number of major style, university, and house specifications.  Our experience enables us to adapt well to the demands of locally unique requirements.

      Do you provide a free, no-obligation sample edit?

      Indeed. In fact, we often recommend it as part of our editing process.

      Do you provide any discounts?

      We do provide discounts for high volume services and for graduate students.  Just ask, and we will be glad to discuss them.


      What if I have questions or issues with an edited document?

      Part of our policy of personalized service includes making every effort to address concerns that may arise after a job is returned to you. Our well-designed project plan/contract helps keep issues to a minimum, but it also lays out your opportunities to raise concerns and have them addressed for a reasonable period of time after editing is performed.

      What if I need a particularly short turnaround to meet a deadline?

      We recognize that there are certain times where deadlines loom near.  In such cases, rush job pricing applies, and we make your job and deadline a high priority.  If we feel we cannot make your deadline, we absolutely will be clear with you about it.

      How much do you charge for your services?

      See our Pricing page for details.

      Will you help me determine which service would be best for my document?

      We will be glad to give you an assessment of your document and to describe how that assessment fits with our different levels of service

      Will my work be secure?

      We are committed to maintaining the security and integrity of your documents.  Regular backups, virus protection, and a policy of confidentiality all demonstrate our commitment to maintaining security.

      When and how can I contact you?

      Feel free to contact us using any of the methods described here.

      How do I find the word count for my document?

      See this entry in our Helpful Hints page.



      For more info, see

      Microsoft Word

      Tools > Word Count

      more ...

      Open Office Writer

      Tools > Word Count

      more ...


      File  > Properties > Information



      View < Show Inspector.  See Info tab.



      In the Sharing bar, next to History icon.



      Tools > Word Count


      more ...


      Google Docs

      Tools > Word Count

      more ...


      What types of document formats can you handle?

      We accept most word processing formats and will be glad to work with you to resolve any compatibility issues that might come up.

      What services do you offer?

      Please see our Services page for details.

      Do I need to give attribution to Parasol Academic Editing in my published document?

      No.  This matter is completely up to your discretion.

      What other services can you offer?  

      Besides academic editing, we also spend a share of our time providing services such as resume counseling and revision, web site editing, technical and academic writing, Spanish-to-English translation, producing indexes, producing annotated bibliographies, logo design, designing layouts, and transcription .

      Please tell me more about Parasol Academic Editing.

      Ramón Solórzano, Jr., Ph.D. is the principal behind Parasol Academic Editing, a freelance academic editing service.  Dr. Solórzano is a writer, editor, and researcher based in San Francisco, CA and Amherst, MA.  He was raised bilingually (English/Spanish) in the San Francisco Bay Area and has lived on the East Coast. He has over fifteen years of experience in editing and writing and has authored numerous technical works and also academic writings. He has worked as a consultant and documentation manager in Silicon Valley and on the East Coast. Having obtained a bachelor of science degree from M.I.T. (where he completed an honors undergraduate thesis analyzing Appropriate Technology movements), he more recently completed a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  His ethnographic research pioneered the study of inequities in the delivery of automated multilingual services, especially to underserved, Spanish-speaking populations in the U.S.  Under the Parasol banner, he has applied his interdisciplinary experience to help faculty, graduate students, and others weather numerous storms and successfully achieve their publication goals.



       .. Parasol greatly facilitated the final stages of my Ph.D. dissertation. The work done to make the dissertation well structured and compliant proved to be rewarding and a sound investment.  I continue to use Parasol for several publications generated from my dissertation work. ...

      more ...

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      I found Parasol to be a welcome source of support during an arduous process of getting my journal article ready for publication.  I was able to streamline my results in ways I had not imagined, and I was very grateful that this service was there to ensure that my manuscript met journal requirements to the letter