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Factors Influencing the Price

The fee charged for a given job depends upon a number of factors, including:

  • type of editing or service desired.
  • level of consistency in the original as delivered.
  • number of complex tables, graphics, and references.
  • length of the document.
  • written by native or non-native English speaking author.
  • rush jobs.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Fee arrangements can be made by the hour (ranging from $20-$35 per hour for editing, $35-$55 per hour for writing), by the word count, or by the project.

Estimated Fees

I can quote a reasonable estimate only after getting some details at the outset, but I provide estimates below to give you a general idea of costs. 

Estimated Editing Fees for Typical, Non-rush Jobs, Native English Language Author  (in U.S. currency)

Average Per Page Fee*

Average Pages Per Business Day**

Manuscript Evaluation*** $1.50 12




Pure Layout












The minimum fee for a job is $35.

 *  A page is considered to be 250 words, or roughly one double-spaced printed sheet of text.  

** A 30-40% premium typically applies to rush jobs, depending on the length of time.  Our business model requires that we work on multiple jobs simultaneously. This requirement cuts down on the number of pages possible to edit per day for any single job.

***  This evaluation is more in depth than what is available from the sample edit that we provide (for free!). The rate represents the evaluation of a relatively short work ( under 50 pages or so).  Volume discounts would apply to longer manuscripts.

Fees assume native English speaking author.  Rates will be slightly higher for non-native English authors or unusually complex works.

For perspective, you may wish to consult the standard rates provided by the Editorial Freelancer's Association.   Clients consider the costs of editing to be a worthy investment in a crucial element in their professional careers - the ability to expose their research by being published in a respected journal.

Graduate Student Discount

Ask about my graduate student discount.

What is Covered

The work plan / contract specifies what tasks are included for a given job and refers to items that are not included and/or can be billed separately.  For more, see How We Work.