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There is no charge for an initial evaluation of a brief sample of your work. In fact, one is often recommended to get off on solid footing.

Using the basic process outlined below, we get your job done - maximizing quality and minimizing error.

Getting to know your work —> Initial Q and A   

To begin with, we discuss your needs briefly and scope out the general nature of the work you need done.  At this point I can give you a basic idea of what you can expect in terms for the full project, but a firmer determination usually needs to wait until a sample edit is performed.

Getting on solid footing —> Sample Edit                    

Once we have gone over the basic features of the job, you provide a brief, representative sample of your work. The size of the sample depends on the project, but typically comes to be about three to five pages.  I accept a variety of standard document formats.  The edited sample will be returned clearly detailing the changes and improvements made.

Getting down to details —> Estimated Time and Cost                         

Once a sample edit is under our belt, I will provide you with a solid estimate of the time and cost involved. Typically this involves some discussion to answer your questions and iron out details.  Once we agree on the estimate, I write up a simple work plan / contract that spells out a clear and reasonable agreement for getting the work done , including editing tasks, timeline, fees, and payments. After any needed adjustments to the work plan/contract are made, I can get right down to work. 

Getting down to work —> Completing the Project  

Often there is an initial period of closer discussion to resolve questions that arise (particularly with larger jobs lasting several weeks). But after this period, I find I can work fairly independently. Nonetheless, we make it a point to keep an explicit and regular line of communication open.

I complete the job per our agreed timeline and check for your feedback to work through any final details.  At that point we revisit our agreed upon payment arrangements, as well as our policy of providing you with opportunities for post-submittal editing.


Getting feedback and following through —> Free Post-Submittal Edits  

Our work plan/contract will specify your opportunity to receive a certain number (depending on the size and schedule of the job) of relatively minor post-submittal editing passes at no charge.  These edits are sometimes needed to address issues that surface after a work is submitted for review.  This kind of follow-through is part of Parasol Academic Editing's commitment to the highest quality and to your complete satisfaction.



 .. Parasol greatly facilitated the final stages of my Ph.D. dissertation. The work done to make the dissertation well structured and compliant proved to be rewarding and a sound investment.  I continue to use Parasol for several publications generated from my dissertation work. ...

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I found Parasol to be a welcome source of support during an arduous process of getting my journal article ready for publication.  I was able to streamline my results in ways I had not imagined, and I was very grateful that this service was there to ensure that my manuscript met journal requirements to the letter