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Relief.  Let Parasol Academic Editing handle those detailed writing and formatting requirements, and let you submit with confidence.


Parasol Academic Editing provides professional, dependable, and personalized academic editing, copy editing, manuscript evaluation, proofing, formatting, citation/style translation, and other services to place your work in the best possible position for publication.  Our work is confidential.


Parasol Academic Editing applies many years of professional writing and editing experience to help you: 

  • evaluate ways to improve the persuasiveness and publishability of your paper, journal article, or dissertation.
  • convert nearly-completed journal articles ( and many less developed ones ) into pieces ready for publication.
  • complete a soundly structured, well written, and meticulously formatted dissertation or master's thesis.
  • navigate the challenging waters from dissertation-to-book successfully.
  • handle the myriad copyediting and proofreading details required to conform to publisher and university requirements.

      and more...


Manuscripts are prepared according to most major style specifications, including:

  • Chicago
  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Harvard, Turabian
  • AAA (American Anthropological Association)
  • ASA (American Sociological Association)
  • CSE/CBE Scientific Style 
  •         other style formats ...
  • and College/Department-specific formats

Free Sample Edit and Price Quote Estimate

Just send in a sample of your work with a brief description of your document and the kind of editing or service you would like for it, and you can expect a prompt reply.  A sample edit can be provided at no charge.

Issues of Diversity and Non-Native English Authors

Dissertation completion and peer-reviewed manuscript publication play an essential role in academia in terms of career possibilities, visible topics of inquiry, the generation of new knowledge, and institutional representation. In so doing, they advance (one hopes) wider contributions to positive social change.

Parasol Academic Editing takes pride in serving the unique challenges faced by members of groups long under-represented in the academy.   We draw on our direct cultural experience and linguistic expertise in such service, including service to non-native English speaking and internationally-engaged clients, among others.

Local and Global

From San Francisco to Boston and beyond, services are provided to a national and international set of clients. From the San Francisco Bay Area, with its fine host of colleges and universities, to the historic Five-College Area of Western Massachusetts (95 miles west of Boston/Cambridge, and home to Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst), and beyond to anywhere else in world, we can stay in touch.  We do so as a project demands, and making flexible use of various options for communication and payment.

Personalized Service

Parasol Academic Editing takes pride in providing personalized service.  We will work together to develop a professional, trusting, and productive relationship.  We establish a dialogue with a human touch, where we are not merely a number in an endless queue, or a hash tag in an unfathomable ocean of data.


Clients find working with Parasol Academic Editing a worthy and lasting investment.  They come to find it a reliable resource in their academic careers.


Intellectual diversity keeps our highly detailed work vibrant and our unbounded intellectual curiosity nourished.  We apply our skills across the "Two Cultures" divide to include (not in any special order): 

Social Sciences (incl. Anthropology; Communications, Sociology; Media Studies; Sociolinguistics).  Humanities (incl. Art; History, Comparative Literature, Music, Philosophy).  Science/Engineering: (incl. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science; Physics; Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics).  Interdisciplinary Studies (incl. Education; Environmental Studies, Latina/o Studies, Critical Race / Ethnic / ALANA Studies;  Women and Gender studies; Sexuality; Globalization Studies; Science, Technology and Society).


Please get in touch with Parasol Academic Editing for a prompt reply.




 .. Parasol greatly facilitated the final stages of my Ph.D. dissertation. The work done to make the dissertation well structured and compliant proved to be rewarding and a sound investment.  I continue to use Parasol for several publications generated from my dissertation work. ...

more ...

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I found Parasol to be a welcome source of support during an arduous process of getting my journal article ready for publication.  I was able to streamline my results in ways I had not imagined, and I was very grateful that this service was there to ensure that my manuscript met journal requirements to the letter